Woman sexually assaulted at PSL school

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Your help is needed to find a man who, police say, sexually assaulted a woman Saturday night at a Port St. Lucie playground. It happened at Mariposa Elementary School just after midnight.

Police say four teenaged boys and two women passed a man who offered them marijuana. They kept walking. Twenty minutes later, police say, the man approached the group, displayed a gun, and told them all to get to the ground.

Police say he took one of the boy's wallets, a woman's cellphone, and then ordered the women to another area. He then told the women to take off their clothes.

Police say he raped one of the women. Then, he chased the other one down, hit her on the head with the gun, and tried to assault her. He eventually ran off.

The boys ran to get  help. "They were saying that their friend was being attacked, and the man had a gun, and that they needed someone to call 911 because they didn't have their phones."

Police say they will be checking surveillance cameras at the school to get a better idea of what the man looked like.

If you have any information, you are asked to call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-TIPS.

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