Florida one of two states without boaster seat law

Courtesy: WFLX Photographer
Courtesy: WFLX Photographer

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Four-year-old Layla Benoit now rides in a booster seat. Her mother made the decision a few months ago. "She was outgrowing the car seat, the one that she was in earlier. In order to fit her in the seat belt better, we had to put her in a booster seat," said Fatou Benoit, Layla's mother. 

Florida is one of only two states in the country that does not require kids to be in booster seats once they turn 4. But child safety advocates say the booster seats could prevent injuries in an accident. "Their tiny bodies are so small, they don't fit a vehicle yet. They don't fit the seat belt in that vehicle which is designed for an adult," said Kelly Powell, from Safe Kids Palm Beach County. 

The reason why safety officials say it's important to have a booster seat is because the booster seat elevates the child. When they are not elevated, the seat belt can come across their face, the child gets uncomfortable, and puts the seat belt behind their arm or behind their head. 

Kelly Powell says, with the increasing number of car accidents involving children, she's hoping, this year, the legislature give their stamp of approval. She said, "This is the year we need to get a booster seat law to protect our children."

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