Mother of son, attacked by naked man, speaks out

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - The mother of a 15-year-old boy, who called 911 for help after, deputies say, a teen went on the attack in a condition known as "excited delirium", is speaking out.

Deputies say the suspect, who stripped naked, traveled to a suburban Lake Worth house and confronted the 15-year-old.

Deputies ended up arresting Conrad Hopper after, they say, he attacked them and a K-9 with a piece of metal.

They say he wasn't making sense and was shouting random phrases.

Luckily, they say, a Taser worked, and they were able to restrain Hopper.

Jodi Robinette, the 15-year-old's mom, says she's thankful her son is alive and proud of him for calling 911 right away. "First instinct get the hell of out dodge and make the phone call to somebody who is more responsible to handle it."

She added, "My son is at home with me because he is still shaken up because he knows what the effects could have been if he didn't do what everyone was teaching him."

Robinette says when she showed up she saw the deputies securing Hopper to a stretcher. "His brain was fried. You know the commercial... your brain is on drugs? That is how he acted," Robinette said.

Dr. Adam Bromberg at Wellington Regional Medical Center says if someone encounters a person experiencing excited delirium they should stay away. "There is nothing a regular person on the street can do. The best thing to do is stay out of harm's way and get someone trained because it normally takes large amounts of people to control them as well as medications," Dr. Bromberg said.

Just last week, PBSO investigators say excited delirium may have contributed to Anesson Joseph going on a naked rampage in Delray Beach before deputies shot him.

Dr. Bromberg says the causes of these type situations can vary. "Number one cause is toxins and drugs. Different types, we see a lot with bath salts and other synthetic drugs," Dr. Bromberg said.

Robinette's son is OK. Hopper is in custody in the juvenile system. It's not clear if he'll be charged as an adult.

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