Thousand pound hammerhead caught off Palm Beach County coast

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Peter Buban is a big guy who has a big fish story to tell.

While fishing in Palm Beach County recently, he felt a tug on the line. "We just saw the reel start screaming, and I jump. I put up my harness, and I start to fight the fish, and I realize it's going to be a huge fish!"

With the help of his friends, he fought the monster for almost an hour.

It was Buban's biggest catch ever, a 13-foot 9-inch 1,000 pound hammerhead shark!

It won for him his first competition and was a record for the yearly Blacktip Challenge shark fishing tournament. "I basically beat everybody by two and a half or three feet, he said. "It's very rare that somebody is going to beat you with this kind of fish."

The shark was released and Buban himself personally followed the shark offshore for 200 yards in his kayak to make sure it was OK and could swim away.

Most fisherman don't want to harm the sharks at all, that's why they use a circle hook, the point bends in therefore it doesn't dig into the shark's flesh as opposed to the "J" hook which would tear up its insides.

Buban believes in conserving the animals. "We have to protect them, catch and release, try to be very gentle with them."

Originally from Czechoslovakia, Buban started fishing at a very young age. "I start fishing when I was 9-years- old. Basically, I was born with a rod in my hand, and I start fishing on small rivers."

From small rivers to the Atlantic Ocean.

Moving to South Florida is a dream to the avid angler. "If you catch one huge fish, it's like a drug, you cannot stop. It's like motivation to catch bigger and bigger fish."

He doesn't want this beast to be his biggest fish tale. "I hope this isn't my fish of a lifetime because I hope to catch something even better."

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