EZ Chill

Few things get a driver hotter under the collar than a broken AC, especially here in South Florida. Getting your car's air conditioner fixed by a mechanic can cost you hundreds of dollars.
The maker of this product, EZ chill, claims this may be all you need to cheaply get cool air. Is that claim full of "hot air?" Lets put this to the test.
Elizabeth Turner knows hot air, nothing but hot air. The air conditioner in her 1998 Jeep Cherokee doesn't work.
"It's so hot, I stick to the seats."
Also sticky? Her finances.
"It's gonna cost me hundreds of dollars and I don't have that money."
Maybe all she needs is this $20 can of EZ Chill. The makers claim it replaces lost refrigerant and seals AC leaks. It's a do it yourself product, touted as fast, easy and accurate
"I hope it will work, lets give it a shot."
First you attach EZ Chill's pressure gauge to the low pressure port on your AC system. Then check your car's refrigerant level. The gauge indicates this car has plenty of refrigerant, so the problems may be more serious. We give it a quick burst of E-Z Chill to see what happens, then re-check the air temperature. Nothing but hot air. This car needs more help than EZ Chill can deliver.

Next we test this 1996 Toyota Tercel. which is also blowing only hot air. But this time, a couple of bursts of EZ Chill and the results are impressive. The Toyota, now blowing cool air.
Bottom line: if your broken AC is simply low on refrigerant, this product will safely fill it and actually may help seal the leak. But if your system has serious mechanical problems, you still need to see a mechanic.