Doctors & family members take stand in Hadley hearing

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - There was a mixture of the personal and the professional during day four of the Tyler Hadley sentencing hearing Thursday.

Tyler Hadley's attorneys called several doctors to the stand.

Some were contacted over the telephone.

His pediatrician testified to the various medicines Hadley took over the years. A pediatric endocrinologist talked about Tyler's thyroid issues and growth hormones he was prescribed.

The first witness on the stand was Carmela Johnson, a close friend of Mary Jo Hadley who taught with her at Village Green Elementary in Port St. Lucie.

Johnson says she teaches in Mary Jo's classroom to feel closer to her.

She said she knew Tyler for many years and that he often exhibited odd behavior and was constantly looking for reassurance. "He always was saying odd things like 'You love me mom? Do you love me?' If she ever compared him to someone else, 'Do you love them better than me, mom? Do you love them better than me?'"

Under cross examination, Johnson admitted she saw Tyler and Mary Jo at the mall not long before the murders and Tyler seemed fine.

Mike and Cynthia Hadley, Tyler Hadley's aunt and uncle, also testified.

They talked about being on vacation together in their Georgia cabin the week before the murders.

Mike Hadley said he would hear Tyler pacing outside late at night and that Tyler was making himself throw up.

He recalled a drawing Tyler made. "He had colored a house, and it was on fire.  I said, 'Tyler that's kind of heavy what's that about?' And he said 'That's the way I get rid of my stress'.  I said 'What kind of stress could you have? You're only 17-years-old.'

Cynthia was asked whether Tyler was ever violent. "No, never." Did he love his parents? she was asked. "Absolutely. We thought he… yes."

Also Thursday afternoon, one of the first responding police officers to the Hadley home the night of the murders said the look he saw on Tyler Hadley's face was a look he had never seen in law enforcement and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

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