FL legislators moving closer to voting 'Warning Shot Bill' into law

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Florida is one step closer to legalizing warning shots in the Sunshine State.

The so called "Warning Shot Bill" already passed the House and could do the same in the Senate.

The debate is now heating up among gun law advocates and gun owners as Florida lawmakers fast track a bill that could expand firearms rights.

Angela Williams, who runs Mothers Against Murders Association, is concerned more and more people will feel her pain if the bill becomes law.

Williams lost her 16-year-old niece Angel Brooks when she was shot in the stomach by a stray bullet. "It tore me apart. It tore my entire family apart. It's very, very hard knowing that she wasn't even a target. She wasn't even a target, she was just standing there," said Williams.

The "Warning Shot Bill" will protect people who fire off their guns or show their firearms in self-defense.

"Everybody always asks me, 'What's wrong with Florida? What's wrong with the people down there in Florida? Do they think? You know do they think about human beings? Life?'" said Williams.

The bill was created in the aftermath of Marissa Alexander being sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing her gun during a heated argument with her estranged husband in Jacksonville.

"It extends the rights to a gun owner but the problem is who is now going to take this bill and maybe not use it for it's intended purposes?" questioned Chuck Papp, owner of Palm Beach Shooting Center.

Papp said he fears a minority might abuse the law and give all gun owners a bad name. He has questions about the application of the bill and is not entirely sold on the purpose.

"Lets see how it all plays out and lets hope people don't go out and misuse the bill," said Papp.

Williams said she feels it is just one more law that could cause more heartbreak than help.

"We're going to see a lot of 'he said, she said' stuff. And it's going to be very, very hard to prove that," said Williams.

The bill has already passed the Florida House. It could be voted on in the Senate later in the week.

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