More than 150 animals removed from Loxahatchee home

LOXAHATCHEE, FL (WFLX) - Investigators have removed more than 150 animals, many of them sick or injured, from a Loxahatchee home.

The animals include a miniature donkey, dogs, cats, geese, chickens and goats.

According to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, only about one in three animals that were removed were saved.

Many of them were so sick with disease and broken bones, they had to be put down. "They had leg and foot problems where literally their legs were falling off, many of the geese had no eyes," Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Executive Director Dianne Sauve said.

Investigators characterized it as a case of a hoarder claiming to run a rescue operation. "Most animal rescues start off with the best intentions, but quickly can become overwhelmed with the number of animals they have. That seems to be the situation here," Sauve said.

She said the county hasn't pressed charges against the animals' owner. She hopes he will agree to sign an order giving up care for the animals.

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