West Boca Raton teen's business off to hot start

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX)-- Step into Jason Shatsky's room and you realize this West Boca Raton teen has some big ambitions.

Jason is the founder of http://thirtysevenkicks.bigcartel.com/, a business that is bringing in some serious cash. "The total in sales on the Website was $60,000," Shatsky says of his business's first year.

The high school freshman sells hundreds of pairs of sneakers from his Web site he runs from his bedroom.

The 15-year-old loves sneakers but talks of his work like a veteran businessman. "A lot of the exclusive shoes, and getting your hands on them, is awesome, especially when you know the potential you can make on them," Jason says.

He buys pairs of shoes that are high in demand, marks the price up as their value increases, then sells them online.

Jason is on pace to make even more money this year than he did in 2013. He says he recently sold a pair of sneakers for $3,000. "I just thought it was the new fad," says his mom, Jamie.

She says Jason runs the entire business all by himself. "This is all him," she says. "The only thing we do is physically take the boxes to the post office."

Jason says he plans to continue running the website and then head off to college where he wants to major in business.

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