Gator fed by woman began chasing neighbors who had steaks

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - The alligator seen in a video with a woman feeding it in Port St. Lucie was likely euthanized according to Florida Fish and Wildlife (read previous story).

The video, taken at a senior living community in Port St. Lucie, is about a year old according to neighbors.

It shows a woman feeding and yelling at the gator. "It is very disturbing because, when you feed an alligator, they lose the sense that we are their only enemy," Trapper Darlene Tyson said.

Tyson says not only is it a dangerous situation for the woman in the video, but it is sad for the gator. "By feeding and making them a nuisance, you have now written them a death sentence," Tyson said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife says most gators over four feet that become a nuisance are killed.

Neighbors say the gator was so used to getting fed, it would chase people with steaks. "You may think it is fun, but the next person who comes along that doesn't have food is put at risk," Tyson said.

Tyson says she has seen too many alligators put down because of circumstances like this. "We can all live together if you don't feed or entice them. If you interact with them and make them not afraid of us, that is when it becomes a problem," Tyson said.

According to a spokeswoman with FWC, they have removed six gators from the ponds in the Port St. Lucie subdivision over the last year.

The circumstances of what happened to the woman in the video are not known and the exact timeframe of when the video was taken is also not known.

It is illegal to feed alligators in Florida and perpetrators can be arrested.

FWC says they have started an investigation.

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