Friday's Fun Facts on Jon Shainman & Tania Rogers

You watch them every weekend on the Fox 29 10 O'Clock News, but did you know these fun facts about Jon Shainman and Tania Rogers?

Home Town
Jon – Ossining, New York
Tania – Bronx, New York

What was your first car?
Jon -  Used 1982 Saab 900 Turbo
Tania – Camaro

What was your first job?
Jon – News Radio Reporter
Tania –  Receptionist while in high school

If you weren't working in news, what would you be doing?
Jon – Something in the sports or art worlds
Tania – Airline pilot

What's your favorite part about living in South Florida?
Jon – Not shoveling snow
Tania – Agree with Jon

What do you miss most about home?
Jon – The excitement of New York City
Tania – Seeing a Broadway play

What's your hidden talent?
Jon – Trivia, I have a lot of trivia nonsense trapped in my head
Tania – I'm an excellent party planner.

What's your favorite Fox 29 show?
Jon – The Simpsons
Tania – American Idol

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