Pilot makes emergency landing in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A pilot and three of his family members made an emergency landing on State Road 60, west of Vero Beach Friday.

Terrell Barden was flying with his wife Nancy and two children, Maris and Raleigh. They were en route to the Bahamas from the Atlanta area when the plane suddenly lost power. "I tried to restart it as quick as I could... did not get good results," Barden said.

As the plane started to slowly drop, the kids buckled up. "I was a little scared so I sat there started praying," Maris said.

Barden says after attempts to restart the plane failed he had to make a decision.

Vero Beach airport was 12 miles away but at his elevation he knew he would only make it six miles. "My priority was getting the family down safe with no options for problems," he said.

Barden landed on State Road 60 and managed to pull into a turning lane to avoid traffic.

In 10 years of flying, he never had a problem.

No one was hurt, but the family is not sure if they will be able to complete their trip.

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