Teacher fired allegedly encouraging attack on student

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A teacher's career is over in St. Lucie County. On Thursday evening, the school board officially fired Dru Dehart.

It took only 25 minutes for the school board to officially fire Dehart who did not attend Thursday's meeting. "She wishes she would never stop teaching," says Dehart's attorney Mark Wilensky.

It stems from an attack caught on school surveillance video. In March 2013, a 7th grader, Radravious Williams, was attacked by a group of students at Northport K-8 school. Dehart is accused of encouraging the attack after Williams reportedly threatened her.

Last year, the victim's mom spoke about the attack. "It's like a nightmare," said Latasha Darrisaw, "He's not the same. He's had some sleepless nights."

After Dehart was fired, the family released a statement through a law firm saying, "We are confident that is the right decision for the children of St. Lucie County". The law firm, McLaughlin & Stern, says they plan to file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Representatives from the school district told the board that Dehart failed to protect students that day.

"[She] made a very poor decision that day," says David Miklas, "She used students to carry out discipline."

Wilensky says the vote wasn't surprising. He says Dehart didn't expect to return to the classroom. "I don't think she had any real hopes or expectations that in this setting today that was going to happen," says Wilensky.

Dehart was suspended last fall without pay.

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