Loxahatchee breeder arrested on 32 counts of animal abuse

LOXAHATCHEE, FL (WFLX) - A Loxahatchee breeder is being held in the West Detention Center in Belle Glade on multiple counts of animal cruelty.

Martina Alfonso was arrested following a raid on April 2 at her residence in the 11900 block of Orange Grove Blvd.

Alfonso told investigators from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control she is breeder and also operates a dog rescue organization.

Officers with Animal Care and Control say the house had a very strong smell of urine and ammonia.

Investigators say that they saw four pens within different rooms that had numerous dogs and puppies in them.

Hazmat personal from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue was called to the scene to help because of the high levels of ammonia found in the home.

Officers with Animal Care and Control removed 58 dogs, three cats, one goat , two hedgehogs, one pig and one parrot from the house.

Alfonso was arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and is facing a minimum of 32 counts of improper care of animals.

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