Judge awards family in "false negative" lawsuit

By Dan Krauth

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A federal jury has awarded the family of Darian Wisekal $15.8 million in damages.

Back in 2008, Darian Wisekal started to complain of pain and exhaustion. A doctor performed a pap smear test on the wife and mother of two, and again in 2010. Both tests came back negative.

The results were interpreted by Laboratory Corporation of America, a nationwide testing company with offices across South Florida.

But Darian's doctor discovered a large mass shortly after, and Darian passed away a year later.

On Wednesday afternoon, a jury awarded Darian's family $15.8 million after deliberating for close to two days. "Every slide, there's a woman behind it, there is," said John Wisekal.  "There's a mother, a sister, a daughter behind that slide and they just can't pass it through like it's nothing, it's a person's life."

A spokesperson for LabCorp hasn't returned Fox 29's calls or emails as of Wednesday afternoon.

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