School bus driver admits using phone while driving

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A Palm Beach County School District bus driver is in trouble at work after the district says she admitted to using her cellphone on a school bus Tuesday.

A father of a child on the bus who goes from Palm Beach Gardens Estates to Marsh Pointe Elementary contacted WFLX with pictures of a driver who appears to be using a cellphone.

The father says his daughter has told him she has seen the driver using her cell phone a handful of times.

The Palm Beach County School District launched an investigation along with school police and began going over video and audio from the bus.

They say they reviewed all the video, but could not see or hear the driver using her phone.

Then, they say, they called the driver into the office after her route was finished Wednesday, and district officials say she admitted to using the phone.

"She is being disciplined. We have a zero tolerance policy for school bus drivers using cellphones, and we are glad the parent brought this to our attention," Palm Beach County School District spokesman Owen Torres said.

It's unclear what the disciplinary action taken against the driver will be.

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