PBC School Board declines to discuss parent dress code

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Palm Beach County School Board Members refused to even discuss if a recommendation on what parents should wear to school events should be in the district's handbook.

Last week board member Karen Brill mentioned in her opening statement that board members should talk about the possibility of a parent dress code policy.

It was prompted after the Broward County School District talked about a clothing policy which was mentioned on a South Florida radio station.

Comments were made that parents sometimes wear very tight or revealing clothing to school events.

Wednesday Brill brought up the topic to fellow board members, who disagreed.

Board member Chuck Shaw said, 'It's unfortunate we are having this discussion."

Brill said she just wanted to bring it up for discussion, and said she has received many calls from school principals who supported a possible policy recommendation.

One by one, the other board members said they don't want a policy because they don't want to discourage parents from volunteering or attending an event at school just because of what they are wearing.

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Brill hopes just talking about the issue will encourage parents to be careful when choosing what they wear to school.

Since most of the board members said no, the topic will not be discussed further.