Pill problem: new drug danger in your medicine cabinet

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Your prescription drug cabinet at home may be the place where the biggest war on drugs is fought. Could you be part of a growing teen prescription drug problem? The answer can be found right in your own medicine cabinet.

"The vast majority of my life was spent in active addiction," said Bob, who was caught in the grip of addiction from age 11 to age 40. "Pretty much if you had it, I was going to try it," he said. "I did a lot of LSD; whatever drugs were available."

When Bob was a teen, prescription drugs were hard to come by - but he still found them. Now, it's much easier for young people to get their hands on pills - maybe yours.

"Most people, when they get a prescription, they take one or two and they shove them in the medicine cabinet," he said. "They forget all about them."

That action, experts say, is a dangerous decision. Teens are using prescription drugs now more than ever. According to DrugFree.org, many are getting those pills right from their home's medicine cabinet.

"People are obtaining them through their families; a lot of times through the elderly, grandparents, mom and dad," said Bob, who has been clean and sober for years.

As radio talk show host 'Indian Bob', he literally reaches out to others who suffered just like he did.

He is also getting the word out about a nationwide prescription drug event this Saturday. Click here to learn more.

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