Driver leaves scene after hitting pedestrian

Driver leaves scene after hitting pedestrian

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Police are searching for the driver of a vehicle who, investigators with the Delray Beach Police Department, said hit a 20-year-old woman while she was rollerblading along Atlantic Avenue.

Detectives said the collision between car and person happened on Tuesday morning around 1:00 a.m. on the west side of the intracoastal bridge. "If I was just there by myself, I would be dead," said Natalie Bucala, who is recovering at Delray Medical Center.

Her teeth are shattered, her pelvis is sprained and the face of Bucala will likely be marked by a scar for life.

Witnesses said while taking a breather on the Atlantic Avenue intracoastal bridge with friends, Bucala was hit from behind by a car. The driver then sped off in the direction of downtown.

"Imagine if it was someone in your family. Your daughter, your sister or something. You know have a heart, don't just drive off like that," said Bucala.

Kristian Tamara, the boyfriend of Bucala, was right there and saw it all. "She got hit; I flinched. She's in the air, she's on the ground. Just a thud on the car and a thud on the grate of the bridge," said Tamara.

Before the driver took off, Tamara said the man turned back and allegedly said Bucala shouldn't have been in the road.

"Anyone in their right mind would have gotten out of their car to see what happened. There's four or five people screaming, 'What just happened! You just hit somebody!' What's wrong with you? There's no reason for you to drive away," said Tamara.

Delray Beach Police said it is investigating. The driver who struck Bucala remained on the run Tuesday night.

"I understand accidents happen. But there's not reason to just say what he said and just drive away," said Bucala.

Investigators with Delray Beach Police have not released a description of the vehicle or the driver.

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