Drivers complain of sun glare from melting dashboards

WEST PALM BEACH (WFLX) - When the sun pops out, Kay Samson pops open her sun shade. "I love this car," said Samson.

To help it last for years, Samson spent extra money to tint her windows. It hasn't helped. The sporty car still has soft sticky spots on the dashboard. "I've lived in South Florida for 26 years and never seen a melting car," said Samson.

Ann Borgess hasn't either. "It's very sticky here and it looks unsightly and it's difficult to clean," said Borgess pointing out the issues with her dashboard.

When the sun hits the sticky surface, a shiny safety issue stares back at drivers. "There's the glare, and when that comes up you can't really see where you are going properly," said Borgess.

"It's quite dangerous I think," explained Borgess.

Borgess complained on Nissan's Facebook page where there are hundreds of comments.

"In order for me to drive I have to lean down a little bit and go in between the two glare spots," explained Samson.

Samson reported the danger to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but she's only one of twelve Nissan drivers to complain.

So what's causing this sticky & shiny situation? According to a Nissan service manager, the sun shine on the dashboard causes a chemical reaction in the glue used to stick the plastic dashboard to the pad underneath. The manufacturer said the problem is so limited, though, it doesn't know what's causing the melting.

Our investigation found it's not just a Nissan problem. A Toyota driver also called the Consumer Watchdog.

Lexus and Mazda drivers also complained to the government.

"If I can't see of course I can have an accident," explained Samson.

Nissan won't pay for a new dashboard for these drivers even though a Nissan service manager said the car maker has for others.

"I feel they should stand by their product. If they used something that is not right on this dashboard," said Borgess.

In a statement, Nissan said, "We have become aware of a few isolated consumer complaints about the dashboard appearance in their vehicle. Our Consumer Affairs group is working with the  two customers you identified to resolve their concerns."

Both customers say nothing was offered to satisfy them.

A replacement dashboard is $1500. A big price tag drivers don't want to pay, but their solutions just lead to an even bigger sticky mess.

Samson's sun shades are full of black sticky spots, and more are added every time she sticks her sun shade in the windshield.

"If anyone else has this problem they need to say so," said Samson.

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You can also report any suspected safety issue with a car to NHTSA.

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