Suspect in hit and run accident still at large

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Tuesday night the rollerblader who was struck by a car in Delray Beach is out of the hospital, but the driver who hit her is a free man. A week after Natalie Bucala was struck by a hit and run driver, investigators with the Delray Beach Police are still looking for a green convertible Mustang.

Flyers were actually made by Bucala's friends who have said too much time has gone by and an arrest needs to happen now.

Life for Natalie Bucala after being struck by a hit and run driver is now full of dizziness as she struggles to walk. Bucala says, "It's crazy that he's still out there you know living his life completely normal. Mine has so changed."

More than a week has gone by since the incident. The Delray Beach Police said the driver of a lime, green convertible Mustang plowed into Bucala on the Intracoastal bridge along Atlantic Avenue while she was rollerblading with friends. Bucala is covered in bruises, has a torn ACL, and a fractured pelvis, yet there has still been no arrest.

She states, "It's really crazy being that it's such a distinct car. You know there's not that many lime, green convertible Mustangs driving around you know." Natalie Bucala feels frustrated and impatient no one has been arrested for what happened on the bridge.

Friends have been making posters and hit the streets along Atlantic Avenue trying to find anybody who might have saw something. Bucala's friend, Karina Tamara, says, "I mean just to get the guy that did this. He needs to be found. Hitting someone is one thing, but leaving the scene is another."

Karina Tamara and others are also using Facebook and Twitter hoping to get what they call "justice". Bucala says if not for her, then for the others who, without warning, could be sitting right where she is. "I could have died. I mean who knows? And what if he was to do it to someone else? I don't want anyone else to have to go through this or worse," Bucala says.

We did reach out to the Delray Beach Police over the phone and through e-mail. Our calls and messages Tuesday and earlier in the week haven't been returned.

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