Acrobats recover from dropping from ceiling

PROVIDENCE, RI (WFLX) - Seven of the nine circus acrobats injured over the weekend during a show remain at a Rhode Island hospital on Wednesday. Over the weekend a 5-inch d-ring snapped during a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance. When it snapped, the ring and the performers fell to the ground.

The hospital's president talked about the performers' recovery Wednesday morning. Dr. Timothy J. Babineau, hospital president, states, "These performers have been truly inspirational. Over the past couple of days I have heard countless stories from our staff regarding the courage, the positive attitude, and the strong desire to get better quickly that has been demonstrated by these patients. They have truly inspired our staff and our physicians."

Hospital staff say four of the performers are in serious condition and three are in good condition. Two patients have already been released.

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