Marijuana grow operation found in place of family pool

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Police have recently bagged what appears to be a marijuana growing operation in a South Florida neighborhood. They say the suspects were living in the home with their children. According to the cops, it's where a family grew together -- as in grew their dope.

The Miami-Dade Police Department have a video of an underground hydroponics lab beneath the back yard of a couple who's no longer home. The couple were arrested Monday night.

Det. Roy Rutland, a part of the Miami-Dade Police Department says, "This is challenging; I have to tell you. Truth be told this is one of the more challenging because you're not going to smell it more than likely and certainly not gonna see it." This is because of where and how this couple was accused of producing their product. The couple produced about 70-plus pounds and $250,000 worth cops say.

The couple's neighbor, Sabrina Bourraine states, "My goodness! I had no idea whatsoever!"

Lt. Jose Gonzalez, a part of the Miami-Dade Police Department says, "There was a shed in the back that had an opening on the bottom that led to the construction of what appeared to be a pool, and inside that pool we found more than 20 plants of marijuana that was gonna be hydroponically grown."

After getting a tip, the Miami-Dade cops dropped by, served a warrant, bagged the drugs, and arrested the pair, who share their home with two daughters, ages 8 and 17. Another neighbor, Yeny Devarona states, "We never expected anything like that because they were always having parties and stuff."

The Devarona family's backyard is right next to the yard where cops said the growing took place. They never suspected a thing from their neighbors except from smelling pot smoke every now and then.

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