Woman selling virginity to pay for med school

TAMPA, FL (WFLX) - One Florida medical school student has come up with an interesting way to pay the bills. Her decision has made her the talk of the town in Tampa. Though you probably won't agree with what she's doing, that isn't going to stop the 28 year old who goes by Elizabeth Raine.

She says, "It's just really important to respect other people's decisions even if you can't understand them."

Her decision was to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. Raine says, "I really just saw it as a unique financial opportunity. I wanted to take; it wasn't out of desperation."

She just recently showed her face on her Web site after keeping her identity hidden. She claims to be a medical school student and says she was a double major in college. Raine says, "Being non-judgmental and being compassionate towards people, that's what led me to medicine that's a big part of what this project means to me."

A local mental health counselor, Kathy Fountain, doesn't see ending very well. She says it could lead to long term damage. "She might have children one day, and this is going to follow her. And what if her name forever, as an Internet name, is the 'virgin whore?'"

The very adult auction began on April 1, and Raine insists this is no April Fools joke. The high bid is $800,000.

She says a common question is 'Why is such a gorgeous woman still a virgin at 28 in the first place?'  Raine says, "I most often explain it being busy focused on my dreams and my passions."

Raines says while you may not agree with her, you should hold off on judging her. Raine says, "Why shouldn't a woman be able to have sex when she wants with who she wants for reasons that are good enough for her that's what this comes down to me."

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