Friday's Fun Facts on Hollani Davis

Friday's Fun Facts on Hollani Davis

You watch her weekday mornings on the Fox 29 Morning News, but did you know all these fun facts on Hollani Davis?

Las Cruces, NM

I just got engaged to my boyfriend!

First Car:
2000 Grand Prix: I called it the purple people eater because of its ugly eggplant color.

First Job:
I worked at the mall during the summer doing the "Pepsi Challenge". Remember that blind taste test to see if consumers really preferred Pepsi over Coca-Cola?

If you weren't working in news, what would you be doing?
I'd be a teacher. I actually taught high school for a year before starting news, and I loved it!

Favorite part of living in South Florida:
I finally got to put away my peacoats after moving from Virginia!

What do you miss most about home:
The green enchiladas

If you were left on a deserted island with only three things, what would they be?
Boy that's tough, let's go with bar soap (Dove), matches and plenty of yummy beverages!

Hidden Talent:
I can manage to throw a back flip every now and then as a former cheerleader, but I will admit…it's getting harder and harder.

Favorite Fox show:
The Following

Best Part about working at Fox:
The #AM Crew… never a dull day!

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