Plastic Surgery

Thanks, in part to makeover shows, plastic surgery has never been more popular. Last year, there was a 33% increase in the amount of work being done to faces, chests, and tummies. Tonight, we share the story of a local woman who wanted to change a few things about herself. In the end, do we see a Hollywood ending?
Once upon a time....a young duckling was, how do you say it, different looking. But then this duck had a transformation and a plastic surgeon, and a cosmetic dentist, a trainer, and a life coach, and soon... the Duck turned into a Swan.
From the bright lights of a studio, to the bright lights of Stuart, Martin County Elementary School Teacher Ellen Concannon proves extreme makeovers are not just fairy tales on Fox.
Ellen Concannon\Getting an Extreme Makeover: "I just want to look like I looked 10 to 15 years ago, not different, but fresh."
And the person for the job, Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Adler. He meets with Ellen to ease her concerns.
Dr. Stephen Adler\Cosmetic Surgeon: "How are you feeling?"
Ellen Concannon\Getting an Extreme Makeover: "Nervous."
Nervous about a total transformation. Ellen has plans to get a face lift, eyelid lift, brow lift, chemical peels, a breast lift and a tummy tuck.
"She was looking a little tired. Basically this was for her to go back to her job and feel great about herself."
Feeling great takes about an hour on TV, but in real life, Ellen is on the table 12 hours, over 2 days. Dr. Adler works on her face for 7 hours. Two days later, Dr. Dudley Giles concentrates on the chest and stomach. He even does liposuction to her knees. After the surgeries, Ellen will rest for a week, feel discomfort for two weeks, and need six weeks to completely recover.
Was it worth it? We take off the bandages and expose the results later in this newscast.
Two Doctors performing seven procedures, taking 12 hours over 2 days. Ellen Concannon puts the extreme in extreme makeover is there an extreme improvement?
Here's the picture before and now on the right, the new Ellen. After a chemical peel, tummy tuck and face lift, brow lift, eyelid lift, and a breast lift, are her spirits lifted?
"Exactly what I wanted it to be...very subtle...not extreme, where I look like a different person."
Ellen is getting lots of compliments.
"You look great, feeling great, look all tightened up....looks good...keep up the good work."
And it is work. The work of healing and rehabbing took a couple of weeks.
"Not as painful or uncomfortable as I thought it would be."
Now it's about the benefits.
"Just look tighter, rested and not so smushy."
It's that fear of smushy that motivates Ellen. She works out every day, to keep that tummy tucked.
"One of those things you have to keep up every day, like brushing your teeth."
Ellen says the benefits are on both the inside and outside.
"Just feel better when I look at the mirror. I feel the outside reflects what I'm feeling inside."
Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, but Ellen believes the makeover has her feeling more like a swan. Ellen spent $29,000 on the surgeries. She's says she's very happy with the end result and says it was worth the money.