No Spill Clothing

Fox 29 assignment editor John Casson is a self proclaimed "stain magnet."
"Food and I have a mutual attraction."
A possible solution, several manufacturers now make stain resistant clothing. Dockers calls theirs the stain defender. Van Heusen calls theirs the stain shield.
The Dockers website spills it all out, saying an "invisible armor" protects the clothing against stains and spills. Think of it as teflon on fabric.
To see if the claims stick, John suits up in the Van Heusen shirt and Dockers pants. So, does the stuff work?
Chili on the shirt shouldn't be a problem with a stain shield. But that chili stain is stubborn, it won't come out. It leaves its greasy mark on the pants too. Next test: red wine.
"Ah, wow."
The wine beads on contact with the shirt and pants.
"Wow, that's amazing. That came right off."
Vanishing, right off the pants and the shirt. But, will the claims jibe with java?
"The coffee is rolling right off you."
Great results in two out of our three tests, but will those chili stains make a clean getaway in the washer? See for yourself.