Mom forgives suspect suspected of shooting son, stepfather

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - The mother of a 7-year-old boy who was shot Tuesday says she still loves her boyfriend Brandon Hawkins even though police say he's the reason her child is still in the hospital and her stepfather is dead.

"I'm in love with Brandon, and I told Brandon that I was in love with him, and I still love Brandon," Jamie Young said.

Young said Hawkins was always good with her two kids even though, police say, he shot one of them in the stomach Tuesday night and held a gun to her 10-year-old daughter's head.

Young says her son Emmanuel Morgan continues to recover and is making steady progress; although, she is not sure when he will be released from the hospital.

She said she doesn't just blame Hawkins for what happened. Young says the shooting was a result of built-up tension among family members.
She said Hawkins, her brother Jamar Young and their stepfather Levi Williams had a tense relationship and said the men in her family didn't like Hawkins. And there was a history of violence among all three.

She says Hawkins had told her in the past to choose between him and her family and she blames her family for his anger and all of their problems.

Young says he finally snapped Tuesday night when she told Hawkins she didn't care about their relationship anymore.

But now she says she has no plans of removing him from her life and is not holding the shooting against him. "I think everyone might think I'm crazy but for the individual that did this I forgive him. Straight up. I have no hate towards him; I mean he's going to do his time. Y'all don't know the whole story behind everything."

Young also said the shooting had nothing to do with her ordering Watkins the wrong sandwich at Burger King as some initial reports stated.

Young says her 10-year-old daughter will be homeschooled following this shooting.

The Florida Department of Children and Families says it is not getting involved in this case.

Hawkins was denied bond at his first appearance Thursday morning.

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