Pastor helping family cope after losing toddler to gun violence

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A family pastor talks about helping a mother and family cope with the grief of losing an 18-month-old West Palm Beach boy's life to gun violence. The search, meanwhile, goes on for the shooter.

As difficult as it is, the family of I'Zarion Colin is making his funeral arrangements. Loved ones say his service will be held at the Temple of Jesus Christ which is just a few hundred yards from St. Mary's Medical Center, where the boy was pronounced dead on Thursday.

Song and prayer filled the inside of the small church Thursday night for the family of I'Zarion. "I was there standing by the bedside praying for the child, praying for the family, comforting them," said Pastor Martin Smith who was at St. Mary's Medical Center for hours as I'Zarion's family saw the little boy pass away.

"Our community is turning away from God, and that is causing so many terrible things to happen," said Pastor Smith, who will soon offer prayers at I'Zarion's funeral service.

Investigators say the boy was shot inside a car just after 1 p.m. Wednesday on Quail Lake Drive in West Palm Beach. He was in the car, they say, with his mother, another man and a 4-year-old child.

A second man allegedly climbed in the car. A gun went off and the bullet hit I'Zarion in the torso, according to authorities. What sparked the violence is unclear. PBSO has not released any information about a possible motive or about potential suspect.

"The Lord will help you through whatever you have to go through," said Smith. The funeral is tentatively set for next week.

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