Burglar killed after shots fired during WPB car break-in

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Two people were breaking into a car when shots were fired overnight, resulting in the death of one of the burglars, police said.

The shooting occurred in the 200 block of Arlington Road just east of Dixie Highway.

Police said a victim approached the suspected burglars during the break-in and that's when the shots were fired.  Investigators are still looking for the other suspected burglar.

The name of the person who was shot and killed has not been released.

Police say there were seven or eight burglaries in the area last night.

"I was in my room last night about 12:45 and I was working on my computer and heard a string of gunshots, 4 to 6 gunshots.  That literally sounded right outside my bedroom door almost," said Greg Gonzales who called 911.

Neighbors say they captured surveillance video near some of the break-ins about 45 minutes before the fatal shooting. They say investigators have expressed interest in seeing it.

Robert Norvell, the president of the South End Neighborhood Association, says he's been getting calls from residents about the shooting. "The South End is… will always have its problems being so close to other communities and being so easily accessed through Forest Hill, or through Southern, but I think in general it is safe."

The neighborhood association says its last meeting focused on public safety.

Thursday West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio will meet with residents to follow up on safety concerns that have been expressed in the past.  The meeting was scheduled before the shooting.

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