New wedding trend: Couples hiring choreographers for first dance

New wedding trend: Couples hiring choreographers for first dance

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - From the cake to the invitations to the flowers, there are a lot of things that go into wedding planning. Now, many couples are hiring choreographers for their wedding dance.

"It's a really exciting thing to get couples united doing the dance together, so that way they're not doing the penguin sway where they're just going back and forth," said Tonya Payne with Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Payne and her fellow dance choreographers have helped many couples, like Cheryl Bell and Travis Payne, do just that. "It's fun just to do the lesson and be really close to each other and dance with each other. It's very romantic," said Bell.

"She's very big into dancing. Every time we learn something new with Michael [choreographer], especially with the spinning and the dip, she's like, 'Woo, I want to do this!'" Travis Payne chimed in.

Scott and Shannon DiSalvo, who were just married, impressed their wedding guests with their moves on the dance floor. "I would 150 percent recommend this," said Shannon DiSalvo. "Doreen was an amazing choreographer, the studio is great, and it was just so much fun. It's a new way to have fun with your fiancé."

"I would say guys just don't be shy. It's totally worth it, and your future wife will love you for it," added in Scott DiSalvo.

Couples come to Fred Astaire Dance Studios with all different backgrounds and experience, so the choreographer's first step is helping them feel comfortable dancing together. "The main thing is basically holding each other. How they're going to hold each other -- that's usually where we have to get couples to get comfortable with each other because if you're just holding hands that's not where you're really going to feel comfy. We really work on the frame and work on that connection where man and woman are holding each other, and you can move smoothly on the dance floor," said Tonya Payne.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios are located throughout the area and offer wedding lessons plus an array of ballroom dances lessons from the cha-cha to the waltz.

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