Judge to make a decision regarding jurors' use of social media

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A judge is expected to make a decision later on this week to decide if jurors' use of social media had any impact on a trial.  Attorney Spencer Kuvin wants to question jurors from a recent case - and get his client a new trial.

He presented 25 comments, he says, two of the jurors posted to social media. One of them, "I'm taking a nap", was posted to Twitter during opening arguments, Kuvin says.

"Trial is sacrosanct. As a juror, it's one of the only duties we have in this country in service to our country is being a juror. You don't get drafted any more. This is the one thing that our country asks of you, so we ask you to take it very seriously."

Kuvin says, in the future, he plans to check jurors' Twitter and Facebook pages during trials.

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