Nuns sue nearby strip club

CHICAGO (WFLX) - A group of nuns in suburban Chicago are suing to shut down a strip club next to their convent. They say the loud music and other activity keeps them up at night, and they have witnessed drunken fights and found condoms and empty beer bottles littering the area.

"A lot of our sisters, they're elderly. They're in their 80s and 90s. So, they're going to transition from this life to life eternal. So, if they're on hospice care would you want to hear that when you're going to meet your creator? I know I wouldn't," says Sister Noemia Silva.

The lawsuit says the club violates a state law against operating adult entertainment within one thousand feet of a school or place of worship. The club argues the convent is a residence, not a church.

In a statement, Club Allure called the suit "a total fabrication of the facts". The town, Village of Stone Park, is also named in the lawsuit

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