Hundreds of yellow jackets send father & son to ICU

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL (WFLX) - A Florida father and son are in intensive care after hundreds of yellow jackets attacked them. During the attack, the 7-year-old boy had to fight extreme pain and fear to go get help.

David Alvarez, his son, Jordan, and their dog were walking in a wooded area in Altamonte Springslast week when the swarm closed in on them. Jordan lead his dad, who is allergic to yellow jackets, out to the road to find help.

"I know he wanted to quit because, he said, I just wanted to give up because it hurt so bad, but I had to keep going because I seen daddy laying there on the ground," said the boy. Fortunately, for him, more help was on the way.

A bee keeper, who lives close by, heard the screams. The bee keeper threw on his outfit, put Jordan in his truck for A/C, and went to work killing the yellow jackets that were still attacking the dad, all while waiting for paramedics.

The bee keeper says either the dad, son or the dog, must've stepped on the nests which live in the ground.

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