Ex-boyfriend to be charged for Diana Duve's murder

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Vero Beach police say Michael Jones will be charged with first degree murder in connection with the strangulation of Diana Duve.

Vero Beach Police Chief Davie Currey called the case, "a tragic case of dating and domestic violence".

In a Wednesday news conference Chief Currey said Jones was a "very poor excuse for a man". The chief called him a predator in sheep's clothing.

Friends of Duve are now talking for the first time about their loss and trying to support the family however they can.

Kyndall Johnson got to see the adventurous side of Duve in person spending time with her overseas last summer.

Duve was born in Moldova and moved to Vero Beach as a teen. "She was never anybody to shy away from the things. She was just a gamer and an awesome person all around," Johnson said.

He says Duve's decision to go into nursing, specifically oncology, showed her giving nature. "You get to know who people are and she's one of those people you ®won't find anybody who has anything bad to say about her."

Duve's body was found in the trunk of her car in Melbourne Monday.

Her family gave Johnson permission to set up a fundraiser online."You can see from the outreach of the community it just speaks volumes about who she was," he says.

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