Tweeting juror claims he did nothing wrong

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A tweeting juror says he doesn't think he did anything wrong but a Palm Beach County judge says his tweets could result in a new trial. The judge has decided not to fine or criminally charge the juror.

Palm Beach State College student Sebastian Gurrido says he was tweeting and snap chatting during the civil trial but he told the judge he did not intentionally tweet about the trial. Some of his tweets included "everyone is so money hungry that they'll do anything for it" and "i wish i wasn't a U.S. citizen right now...I could give two [expletives] about jury duty."

"He was in the pool room tweeting and he said the other jurors knew he was tweeting. This juror contaminated this juror pool and that is why we are entitled to a new trial," said attorney Spencer Kuvin.

The judge will decide next week whether or not there will be a new trial in the personal injury case. She says her instructions to the jury were clear--not to use social media.

The juror told the judge the trial was boring and she reminded him this is not a game. He insists he did not understand the jury instructions.

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