Adopt-A-Family is sanctuary for at risk youth

(WFLX) - It's been a tough road for 7-year-old Alana Brodrick and her mother.

"She had been in five different schools, multiple apartments, seeing bad things, and she was in jeopardy of failing kindergarten." They were homeless, so they turned to Adopt-A-Family for help.

"The experience for children who are homeless is devastating. There's all kinds of physical health issues, mental health and also academic," says Adopt-A-Family's CEO Matt Constantine. The organization has been helping them for more than a year including this summer program for Alana called "Project Grow."

It's helping her get a jump start before going into second grade. The program also makes sure each of the kids are well fed. They're given breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday.

"The kids who attend project grow are in one of Adopt-A-Family's housing programs. We own or operate 117 units of housing, some targeting families that are literally homeless others for families who are in need of safe and affordable housing," says Constantine.

Though school is a little over a month away, Alana's mother, Jennifer Richardson,  is already seeing a positive change. "I just think it's a very special program because of the love here and it's like a family. These people are dedicated to our children and they actually care they are not on the streets."

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