Disney princesses turned into domestic violence victims

(WFLX) - Your child's favorite Disney characters have been turned into domestic violence victims. It's all part of an awareness campaign that's causing controversy nationwide.

"I think the act of domestic violence is shocking itself. So if we want to tackle it in any way, we have to shock the audience in order for us to pass the message across," said the artist behind the posters.

The posters depict Disney princesses living not so happily ever after. It's all part of a domestic violence campaign by a Middle Eastern artist. He won't reveal his identity or location and would only talk  over the phone.

He says these posters are meant to encourage victims to report their cases of abuse to prevent future violence.

"In the Middle East, whenever you open the news, you watch a lot of cases of domestic violence that take place almost every single day and that just upsets me so much."

Domestic violence experts say the controversial campaign has good intentions. "Anything that brings attention to domestic violence and gets people talking is a good thing," said Nicole Worthington with Community Action Stops Abuse.

But it is not a campaign abuse organizations say they would do themselves. "Our model is all about empowerment, so that is not really the empowerment model."

Disney does not approve any of the artist using its princesses in the  campaign, but the artist feels the company and other domestic violence organizations need to understand -- not every ending is a fairytale.

"At the end of the day, this was something I did to influence people in a positive way."

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