Texas man accused of shooting wife's family members

HOUSTON, TX (WFLX) - New details have been released about the Texas man accused of shooting and killing six people, including four children. The suspect, Ronald Haskell, is currently under a mental evaluation.

Police say Haskell shot seven of his ex-wife's family members in a suburb of Houston. A 15-year-old survived and was able to tell police where the suspect was going next.

According to court documents, Haskell knocked on the door of the family's home Wednesday afternoon dressed as a Fed-Ex worker. When the 15-year-old girl opened the door, Haskell asked for her parents, but they weren't home.

The suspect left, then returned, kicked the door in and tied the girl up. When the rest of the family returned, he also tied them up, then shot them all "execution-style" in the back of the head, after they said they didn't know where his wife was. Haskell was arrested after a standoff with authorities that lasted more than three hours.

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