Abandoned puppy gets second chance thanks to Furry Friends Ranch

INDIANTOWN, FL (WFLX) - Tiny Tim, who was dumped and abandoned near Allapattah Road in Indiantown on Saturday, is getting the love and care he needs at Furry Friends Ranch.

A resident called the rescue organization after seeing the dog being abandoned. "He saw us, and he just wagged and laid down like, 'Come and get me. I'm ready to go,'" said Angela Searcy, the manager and director of training at Furry Friends.

But even a day after his rescue, Tiny Tim still has a long road to recovery. He's skin and bones and being treated for mange and parasites.

Veterinarians said it could be at least three months before he's fully recovered. "Unfortunately, what people don't realize is that things like this happen way more often than you know," said Searcy.

Furry Friends cares for more than 200 animals at its 28-acre sanctuary. Many are abused, abandoned or turned over to the shelter. "Sometimes the physical condition of an animal is so depleted that it is enough to break their spirit," said Searcy.

But not Tiny Tim.  There's still hope he'll find a good home. "When you see an animal that's been abused or in such bad shape, all it takes is that one tail wag or the energy they muster up to lift their head up to look at you, when they have no energy, to make it all worthwhile," said Searcy.

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