Haas found guilty of setting fire that injured a firefighter

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A guilty verdict for the man charged with burning his home down. A crime that led to serious injuries suffered by a local firefighter.

The jury got the case at 2 p.m., and returned with a verdict around 2:30 p.m. Joseph Haas was found guilty of arson, arson resulting in serious injury, grand theft, and four counts of attempted involuntary manslaughter.

After the verdict, firefighters surrounding their injured brother Jahwann McIntyre who was seriously burned fighting that fire.

In closing arguments, the defense tried to shift blame to the boyfriend of Haas' daughter, but prosecutor Tom Baakedahl repeated to jurors the number of lies Joseph Haas told investigators in the wake of the fire set in December of 2012 at Haas' Martin County home.

In that fire, McIntyre was trapped inside for a time and suffered severe burns. He has not yet been able to go back to work. McIntyre testified last week, but did not want to talk to reporters Tuesday.

Sentencing is set for August 15.

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