Rachel Leigh's money-saving beauty tips

With some trial and error, I have found some great beauty products that work just as well or better and cost a fraction of the price than the expensive brands found at department stores.

I will be honest with you, some products I have tried do not compare to the pricier alternatives. I have even find a brand that makes a great lip liner but not so great of a blush.

So here are some of my secrets!

If you have a great, inexpensive beauty product you want me to try, e-mail me at rleigh@wflx.com.

What: Lip Liner
Product: Milani's Color Statement Lip Liner (Most drug stores carry)
Price: $3.99

What: Lip Gloss
Product: Milani's Brilliant Shine (Most drug stores carry)
Price: $5.49

What: Frizzy Hair
Product: Dryer Sheets (Just rub one on your hair)
Price: Like what 1 penny?

What: Oily Skin
Product: A new toilet seat cover (Just press)
Price: Free (if you swipe from a store's bathroom)

What: Brush Sets
Product: Arbonne 10-Piece Precision Brush Set(Order online)
Price: $35

What: Eye Liner
Product: E.L.F. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner (Target)
Price: $2

What: Designer Dresses
Where: Dillard's Clearance Center in Boynton Beach
Price: 65% off everything plus they run additional sales.

What: Eye Makeup Remover
Product: Baby Oil (any brand)
Price: Less than $4

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