Wife of alleged Ponzi Scheme mastermind claims husband is innocent

Philippe Bourciquot
Philippe Bourciquot

SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - The wife of an accused Ponzi Scheme mastermind spoke out on Tuesday night saying her husband is innocent, and that the incident is a giant misunderstanding.

Financial crimes investigators with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided the office of Philippe Bourciquot in Suburban Lake Worth Thursday. They arrested Bourciquot after investigators said he stole millions of dollars from poor, Haitian immigrants.

"If I ask you to loan me some money, you accept to do it. What is wrong with that?" said Celina Bourciquot, the wife of the suspect.

Celina Bourciquot claims she was not involved in her husband's business. She said from what she knows, her husband took money from people as loans to be paid back with interest. "When you steal something, you hide. He didn't hide nothing."

Investigators said Philippe Bourciquot used the airwaves of a radio station to lure investors. They said he promised lucrative returns, but instead used the money to fund his lavish lifestyle. "There's this element of trust, and that's what's probably most upsetting to the victims," said Michelle Suskauer, a criminal defense attorney.

In past cases involving Ponzi Schemes, Suskauer said, victims have been given back some of their money. It is rare according to Suskauer. "I tell them to wait and believe that my husband will be set out," said Celina Bourciquot.

The family of the suspect said he is expected to be in court on Wednesday and bail could be set by a judge.

Investigators with FDLE did not want to comment any further on the case.

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