Person smears "Jews" & "Hamas" onto family's car

Person smears "Jews" & "Hamas" onto family's car

MIAMI BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A Miami Beach home was the target of hate over the weekend. One car was egged in multiple places, and another had the words "Jew" and "Hamas" smeared on two different areas with cream cheese.

Rachel, who also only wanted to be identified by her first name, said, "We woke up in the morning, and the entire Jewish community was out here with the cops. They flagged down the cops for us because we can't call them ourselves because it was the Sabbath."

The crime was committed as a tense and violent conflict roars on in the Middle East with both Israel and Hamas firing rockets at each other.

Josh and Rachel do not think their family was singled out; their car on the block just happened to be the first one to have a sticker that said Miami Beach Jewish Community Center. "It was just really frightening to see such an act in Miami Beach," said Rachel. "It's clearly racism right here, and we thought this is America. It shouldn't be happening to us, but it does."

It is unclear if the attack was motivated because of the crisis. "You know, we live in like a prominently Jewish neighborhood and we've never experienced such a thing. We never were hated for being Jewish. We were never looked down upon at all."

The family says it is now thinking about installing security cameras to try to deter this from happening again.

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