Tequesta mayor working on moving massive propane tank

TEQUESTA, FL (WFLX) - The Village of Tequesta is taking steps toward a safer community in the wake of a massive liquid propane leak that forced the evacuations of thousands of nearby residents last month. Tequesta Mayor Abby Brennan is working to change the location of the AmeriGas tank on Old Dixie Highway.

Brennan said the village is working with that gas company to move it somewhere else so that scary scene that unfolded there is never repeated.

Brennan said the tank has been in the same spot next to a set of railroad tracks for decades. In that time, she said, the community has grown all around it.

Many who live and work in the area were forced to get out quickly when a valve on the 30,000 gallon tank malfunctioned and caused liquid propane to leak. For 12 hours, it was a dangerous place to be as crews siphoned and burned off the remaining fuel.

The mayor is working with AmeriGas to have the tank moved to a new and more industrial location. "We have changed, and we are not an industrial corridor. So we are hoping that we will be able to make sure that this incident that occurred this last time doesn't happen, and we won't have all these people to evacuate again," said Brennan.

At this point, it is unclear where exactly it will go or how long the process of moving the tank will take. The mayor said she, the village council and the gas company are working as quickly as possible to make the area safer and to avoid another frightening ordeal in the future.

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