PBC investigating company over stolen address

McFadden Integrity Lending Bureau
McFadden Integrity Lending Bureau

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - TPBC investigating company over stolen addresshe Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs Unit is investigating an online lending company after it received complaints the company stole the address of another business.

McFadden Integrity Lending Bureau claims to operate in Downtown West Palm Beach. The only problem is there is already a business operating at that location according to the property manager.

"It infuriates me. It really does. That's like someone taking my child's name and social security number and running up an electricity bill," said Kate Wilcox, a property manager.

Wilcox does not want the address shown fearing it could further damage the reputation of the building.

She compared the situation to identity theft and said she was tipped off to the situation when she got a call about the alleged online loan company. "She said, 'I found this company online, and I just wanted to make sure this is a legitimate company. Have you heard of this company?' I said no ma'am I've never heard of that company before," said Wilcox.

No one answered the listed phone numbers on the Web site when called multiple times.

When asked about the company, the Florida Department of Financial Regulation said, "We have no record of a license".

"See if you can really find the history on the company. If you can't, it's buyer beware." said Scott Shrader, a financial advisor in Palm Beach Gardens.

Shrader said with so much going on online, it is contingent on the consumer to do their homework before giving up their personal information.

Wilcox said she is just thankful she got a phone call about the company stealing her address and hopes other businesses are paying attention.

"Personally it hurts because we strive to have our name be an a list. It just puts a bad taste in peoples mouths," said Wilcox.

The Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs said it is investigating one complaint. It is urging anyone else who dealt with the company to contact them.

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