IV therapy stopping symptoms of menopause

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Aging -- it's inevitable right or is it? One Delray Beach doctor is helping patients slowdown the process starting from the inside.

Six months ago, 51-year-old Jeanne Byron was your typical menopausal woman. "They gave me no other options. I was basically told, 'Yes, Jeanne, you're in menopause, and this is the way it is. You have to live with this.'"

So Jeanne decided to seek out other alternatives, eventually, finding the biostation ran by cardiologist Dr. Martin Bloom in Delray Beach.

"I spent most of my life doing bubble gum and rubber bands trying to keep people together who are now end-staged disease," said Dr. Bloom. "I always felt it would be more important if we could take people who are healthy and keep them healthy or make them healthier."

With more than 40 years experience treating patients with conventional medicine, Dr. Bloom now incorporates functional medicine through the use of customized IVs. "Generally speaking, the estimate is one third or 30 percent of whatever you take by mouth is not going to get to your bloodstream. Whereas, when I do it, I can give you 100 percent of what I'm giving you."

Here's how it works. First, Dr. Bloom runs blood work. Then, from your results, he creates a tailored made protocol. "We can make anything depending on what your needs are."

Eventually, patients become balanced, like 64-year-old Fred Steinberg. "A major change I saw immediately was energy levels, and that was important to me because I'm in the fitness business. The second change was mood."

The biostation co-founder, Jonathan Globerman, also created a variety of nutrient injections. "Our practice starts out at the simplest service of a B12 shot. What we've done is modified these B12 shots and added in some extra nutrients, amino acids or vitamins."

Insurance typically does not cover most of the services offered a the biostation, and you can't administer the IVs at home. But for Jeanne, it's worth the cost and time. "I'm extremely thankful to Dr. Bloom for putting me on the protocol -- getting rid of my hot flashes, low libido, skin, hair, my hair was falling out like crazy. I just feel like a whole new woman."

Learn more about the services offered at the biostation on their Web site.

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