Protesters rally against Lake "O" discharges

STUART, FL (WFLX) - It's pretty self-explanatory how Kurt Mueller feels about the tainted waterways on the Treasure Coast. "We're basically boating, swimming and fishing in a toilet." said Mueller. "It's been getting worse and worse, year by year."

Mueller, who moved from Palm City because of the toxic waters, showed up at a rally at Phipps Park Saturday, pushing for law makers to make a change. "I think it's time that people put their heads together and clean it up a little bit."

"It can't be solved overnight, but their pressure, their continued involvement is really important." said U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy.

Congressman Murphy said he's in constant contact with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who continue to discharge the water from Lake Okeechobee. "I'm here to tell them about some of the progress we made because people get discouraged, and I want them to know that we're actually moving things along in DC, making good progress because of them, so don't give up," said Murphy.

Lawmakers also stress it'll be a yes vote in November on Amendment 1 that will make all the difference.

Freeing up government money for water conservation projects, which include finding a way to move water safely to the Everglades.

Florida Representative Mark Pafford said, "Even if you were to move the water south, the water is still heavily polluted with nutrients. So, the dollars need to be spent on projects that will help reduce those nutrients, so that way they enter Everglades National Park at the ten parts per billion, which is a scientific term, but it's very important to make sure we don't damage that eco system."

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