Wedding party evacuated due to boat fire

JACKSONVILLE, FL (WFLX) - A wedding party onboard a boat in Florida had to be evacuated during the ceremony Saturday because of a fire.

Wearing their wedding attire with rescue attire, all of the passengers who had been aboard the Annabelle Lee Party Boat were brought to shore downtown by Jacksonville's Fire and Rescue Marine Unit.

"They did their vows, and then we were having dinner, and all the power went out right before we were getting ready to cut the cake. We all had to go up to the top of the ship or boat and there was a fire in the engine room," said the mother of the bride, Jean Hawkins.

A short time later, the fire department arrived. "Everybody was alright. The crew was great about everything, and they got there. The fire department got there as soon as they could -- no injuries or anything," Hawkins said. 

Every couple wants their wedding day to be memorable, but certainly not for a reason like

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