Save money with digital textbooks

(WFLX) - It's almost back to school time for kids in South Florida, and you'll be happy to hear about a new approach towards buying textbooks that can save you a bunch of money.

Now, many online retailers are currently offering digital textbooks. "You don't have to go to the campus bookstore anymore to get your text book. Amazon and are two great Web sites where you can find used textbooks," said Bridget Carey. "So let's say a full price, brand new text book is about $180. If you got a digital version that's about $100, and if you want to rent that digital version for a short timeframe, you might be paying just $40."

It's taking awhile for users to warm up to digital textbooks; though, a recent survey of more than 500 college students found nearly 60-percent still prefer the print version.

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